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MarketSpace e-commerce sellers get the benefits of being on a marketplace and stay into control of managing their own products and orders

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We wanted a to give our vendors a place to sell year round and MarketSpace was the perfect platform. It was easy to setup and when our vendors need help, MarketSpace takes care of that for us.


Each seller on your marketplace has their own dedicated seller page where they list products, manage pricing and add images. Their products show throughout the marketplace in the categories they choose.

Sellers manage their own order processing and shipping, and can link to their chosen shipping vendor to give customers direct shipping quotes. They can also create their own discounts, manage tax tables and setup permission groups.

List Products Sellers add products themselves and manage all inventory details
Manage Orders Sellers control all order fulfillment and shipping
Give Discounts Sellers can create discounts and coupon codes for sales or special offers


Products & Categories

Sellers list and manage their own catalog of products, adding images, pricing and managing inventory levels, choosing which products are for sale.

Throughout your e-commerce website, products are collected into categories defined by the marketplace owner and are searchable and filterable. Sellers will categorise their products as the add them so they instantly show up in the right places.


Payments can be collected using many of the popular payment gateway providers. Each seller will choose their preferred provider when setting up their seller page.


We've made it really easy for customers to browse and buy. Our checkout is easy to use, integrated with live shipping quotes and is safe and secure.

It's Easy We've streamlined the purchase process to make it a breaze for customers to place orders
Safe and Secure Customer purchases are safe and secure. We never store credit card details.
Order Tracking Sellers can include tracking information so customers can check the progress of their orders.
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