Ticket Marketplaces

Multi-seller ticketing allows many people to list events and sell tickets. Your ticket marketplace will show all of the upcoming events in the local area and allow customers to buy tickets online.

Live Demo

At the Vancouver Christmas Market we offer a great variety of different ticket options and products and have always found it challenging to find a platform that is both user friendly and flexible. With MarketSpace we have found a platform that allows for these features, while also making sure all logistical requirements including marketing activities and integration into our POS systems are met.

Ticket Sellers

Each ticket seller lists their own events and decides on what types of tickets they will sell, pricing and any discounts available. At the event they'll scan tickets on a laptop or mobile device and monitor sales through reports.

List Events Sellers list their own events and manage ticket prices and types
Give Discounts Create discounts for early birds, bulk purchases or special coupon codes
Ticket Customization Choose a ticket design and add images
View Reports Before the event, monitor ticket sales day by day for each ticket type
Ticket Scanning Scan tickets at the event using a laptop and handheld scanner or a mobile device


Ticket Customers

Buying event tickets online is easy. Select your tickets and pay with your credit card or with paypal, then print the tickets at home or take them to the event on your mobile device.

Buy Online Customers buy tickets online on their desktop, laptop or mobile device
Print tickets At Home Download your tickets as PDF files and print them at home
Scan from your Phone Tickets are scanable from mobile devices
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